Your virtual stress coach.

Fearlessly by Volatura is your virtual coach, helping you to overcome your fears and reduce overall stress.

Ever wanted to hold a TED talk but were too afraid? Had to cancel your honeymoon because you´re uncomfortable on airplanes? Always have to take the stairs because elevators scare you? We combine evidence-based psychology with modern technology to help you become the most fearless, stress-free you!


Psychology 2.0.

In a first step, we teach you how to effectively handle stress, especially in fearful situations. You will learn how to use EFT (emotional freedom technique), meditation and breathing when stress levels go up. We use the most modern, reliable and evidence-based psychological approaches to make sure nothing can go wrong.

Personalized. Effective. Scalable.

Psychology meets Virtual Reality.

In a second step, we provide you with a safe environment to test out what you have learned.  Fearlessly uses Virtual Reality to safely test whether you have adopted the required tools to tackle your stress and fears. In the most realistic scenarios, you get to face whatever is holding you back.

Cutting-edge. Efficient. Fun.


From Virtual Reality to Reality.

Finally, in a last step, we help you to get out into the real world and become the best version of yourself by living stress- and anxiety free.

Travel to your dream destination, hold that speech in front of thousands of people or confidently small-talk with your colleagues on your elevator ride.

The Fearlessly Journey

5 steps to a more relaxed & anxiety-free life

Get started!

Order and receive your hardware & software package

Personalize Fearlessly

Choose your stress-management & self-development category

Acquire tools

Learn modern stress- and anxiety-management

Train & train more

Test your acquired tools in safe VR simulations & get comfortable

Become the happiest you

Go out into the real world as the most stress- and anxiety free you.

Compatible with your Oculus Go.

Don´t own Virtual Reality glasses yet? No problem, we provide you with hardware and software, so that you can start becoming fearless right away. Excited about Virtual Reality and want to keep the VR glasses? Just keep them at the end of your subscription with a best price guarantee!



It works!

Fearlessly is developed and tested with our psychologist and based on the most recent studies. No side effects. No shame hurdles.

No limitations.

With Fearlessly, you are your own coach. No therapist needed. No waiting for appointments. Train at home on your sofa or in your hotel room while traveling! 24/7.

It is fun.

Reach beyond your limits while having fun! Fearlessly is modern, it´s cool & it´s fun. Exactly how modern anxiety and stress-management should be.

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